Copy and Paste Social Media Policy

Copy and Paste Social Media Policy

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Even if you aren't on social media, your clients are. And it's risking their confidentiality.

A Social Media policy ensures that clients understand what your professional presence is on social media and how they can best interact with you. It also helps clients know they can trust that you will not go searching through their social media without specific permission.


I. My use of social media
II. Reducing risk to your confidentiality
III. Reviewing your (or your child's) social media
IV. Consultation on social media

With a simple fill-in-the-blank style -- just copy the text from our document, and replace anything in red with information specific to your practice -- it provides the guidance your clients need in this rapidly emerging area.

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This document is intended as a general guideline only. It is NOT provided as legal advice or intended to be a substitute for consultation with a qualified attorney. It is strongly recommended that you have an attorney familiar with mental health practice in your area review this document and discuss it with you in accordance with your individual circumstances prior to your signing and distributing it. Some provisions may not be applicable to your practice or your location, or may need to be amended to be consistent with applicable law.

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