Scholarship Program for California MFT Clinical Exam Prep

Scholarship Program for California MFT Clinical Exam Prep

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We are dedicated to making high-quality license exam prep available to those with limited financial means, to improve the careers of low-income MFTs and the class diversity of the mental health workforce. We believe that therapeutic skill, and not the ability to pay, should be the primary determinant of success as a therapist. In support of these goals, we've created a scholarship program for our California MFT Clinical Exam prep program.

Scholarship recipients receive 50% off our California MFT Clinical Exam prep program.

How It Works

If you believe you may be eligible for a scholarship, complete the form here by the end date of the current review cycle. November-December 2020 cycle applications must be submitted no later than Monday, December 14.

There are up to three scholarships that will be awarded for the November-December 2020 cycle. For every $100 in donations to this program we receive, we fund an additional scholarship in the following month. Donations to this program are not tax-deductible.


To be eligible to apply for a scholarship, all of the following criteria must be met:

  • Actively registered as a California Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Completed at least 2,000 hours of supervised experience toward licensure
  • Personal income of no more than $4,000/month
  • Attests to all program requirements

Review and Award Process

Our staff will review all eligible applications submitted before the deadline, and provide responses to all applicants as soon as possible. Selection of awardees is based on Financial Need and Prospective Impact.

Selection decisions are final. If any awardee does not use their scholarship within 30 days of it being awarded, the award is void and its funding is put toward future scholarship cycles.

The program may be discontinued at any time. If the program were to be discontinued, any unused donations will be refunded to their donors.