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You shouldn't have to wonder whether you're getting the best price possible on our books and exam prep programs. Getting a great value shouldn't require taking extra steps. We work hard to make our programs affordable for everyone, every day, no coupon code required. Our prices are much lower than those of competitors, even after their "discounts."

Price Comparison for California MFT Clinical Exam Prep

Prices compared on online sites for closest comparable programs (fully online with practice tests), October 2021. Company names are trademarks of their respective owners.

  • Ben Caldwell Labs $249
  • AATBS $289
  • Gerry Grossman Seminars $329
  • Therapist Development Center $375
Note that of those four, ours is the only course offering comprehensive video lectures (others are audio-only or mixed-format). And unlike some competitors, ours is taught entirely by MFTs -- mostly me, with some theory lectures from the amazing Angela Caldwell, LMFT, who teaches theory for the MFT program at CSUN.
Our price isn’t lower because of being cheap or cutting corners. It’s because we're not maximizing profit at your expense. We’re interested in finding a balance between a sustainable financial model and supporting new clinicians. We invested heavily in video production, and with the 2021 updates to the exam, produced several additional hours of new content to keep things consistent with the official BBS Exam Plan.

What Our Customers Say

But you don’t have to take our word for it that our programs are good. Here’s just a sampling of what customers have said (each gave permission to be quoted).
Hi Ben, I just wanted to update you and let you know I just passed my licensing exam. I wanted to thank you for your program and the anxiety management video I listened to last night that calmed me down majorly!!! SO HAPPY!”
  • Negeen M
I'm so happy to share with you that I passed the exam! It took for me a long-long process to reach this point. Your program is excellent and helped me a lot! Thanks for your support!
  • Mariano R
I just wanted to let you know I passed my exam today. Thanks so much for this program and the amazing content! Saved me money and time!
  • Eric L
I passed my exam last Tuesday!! It was quite challenging, but I survived. Thank you for the exam prep program! I am now on the other side and feeling great!! I really appreciate the thoughtful approach of the prep.
  • Melanie B
I studied very hard for the exam, watched most of the videos twice and took the practice tests maximum times, and I'm happy to report I passed the clinical exam the first time. Thanks again Ben!
  • Lewis T
I am very happy to share that I passed the exam this morning! It was my first time taking the exam, and I studied using your program for about two months. Studying was not something I was looking forward to, but the videos were very informative and broke down hard to grasp concepts like some of the theoretical orientations into descriptions and explanations that were easy for me to follow and retain.
  • Elizabeth G
I just passed the LMFT exam today. THANK YOU for creating such a great course with just what was needed to pass. I was able to re-watch some of the videos as needed and I skipped the content I felt most confident about. The 2021 updates were very helpful. Thank you for being an advocate for us in the field as well as such a great educator (along with your wife!).
  • Denyse R
I took and passed the licensing exam. I used these study materials exclusively and passed without question. I felt prepared, confident and completed the exam in 2.5 hours. Thank you for putting together these amazing videos!
  • Krystina J

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