California MFT Clinical Exam prep: Key features

We're proud to announce our California MFT Clinical Exam online prep program. We believe we offer both the best program available to prepare you for the test and the best price among major programs. Here are some key features of our program. To see how we compare with other major programs, visit our Program Comparison page.

Seeing is believing: More than 20 hours of exclusive video content

We offer more than 20 hours of video lecture, built around the Knowledge Statements the BBS itself uses when crafting the Clinical Exam. Whether you learn best by listening, watching, or a combination of the two, our program is for you. 

Taught by expert MFTs and educators

If you want to learn MFT concepts and methods, you should learn them from licensed MFTs with significant experience in education.

Ben Caldwell is an LMFT and a long-time advocate for family therapists and other mental health professionals. He's also taught graduate-level MFTs for more than 15 years. This teaching experience shines through. He has deep knowledge and understanding of the full range of topics discussed, and they're covered in easy-to-follow, well-organized presentations.

Some theory videos are taught by Angela Caldwell, an LMFT and also a long-time graduate instructor. She teaches MFT theory at California State University Northridge, and uses systemic theories in her own clinical work. 

Build the same way the exam is built

We built our program using the BBS Exam Plan, a public document outlining the specific knowledge the exam aims to assess. We've also been to a lot of BBS meetings over the years, and learned a lot about how they actually do build the exams. We've put that knowledge to work, crafting a program that is both broad and efficient to instill critical knowledge as quickly as possible.

Focused on application

Since the exam uses brief case vignettes, the knowledge you need can't simply be memorized. You need to apply the knowledge, and be able to transfer it among a variety of clinical situations. We help you do exactly that, through case examples and practice quizzes and exams.

Study at your own pace

Our content is broken into individual segments, so that you can master one content area before moving on to the next. The shortest videos are just a few minutes in length; the longest (on DSM-5 diagnosis) is 1 hour 42 minutes. Within every video, you can always fast-forward, rewind, and even control playback speed.

Full-length mock exams and practice quizzes

As of March 30, 2020, we have two full-length mock exams and multiple topic-focused quizzes posted as part of the program. The topic-focused quizzes allow you to assess your readiness in some of the content areas that MFTs often report difficulty with. In total, we have more than 450 practice questions so far, and even more on the way.

Test-taking strategy

Passing the exam requires more than clinical knowledge. It also requires test-taking skill. We have a module specifically focused on building your skills for this kind of challenging, multiple-choice test. Topics covered include key words and phrases to look for, and how to manage the clock.

Anxiety management

In addition to test-taking skill, you also need to be able to manage anxiety to get through the exam. Many of those who have passed the test reported feeling like they were failing for much of the exam time. We have a module with specific strategies you can use to reduce anxiety and to be successful even when anxiety is present. 

Accessible anywhere you're online

Our program is web-based and device-responsive. That means you can access it anywhere you're online, from your phone, tablet, or computer. No additional downloads required. 

The best price among major programs

One of our motivations for creating this course was seeing how difficult it can be for MFTs to come up with the money to pay for exam prep. We spent two years building this so that we could offer it to you at a reasonable cost. Our mission and history of advocacy shows that we're not here to maximize profit -- we're here to maximize your professional advancement and success. So while we think we have the best set of features among major prep providers, we're also available for the lowest price.