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Copy and Paste Professional Will

Copy and Paste Professional Will

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This document provides a useful guide for completing your Professional Will. If you should fall victim to an injury, accident, or other unexpected absence, that's stressful enough on everyone. Ease the strain on your loved ones and your clients by providing clear instructions for an Executor to carry out the functions of your practice. 

A Professional Will ensures that if you have an unexpected absence, clients have continuity of care, your office bills continue to get paid, and your loved ones will not be left wrestling with confidentiality issues while they also try to deal with whatever it is that has happened to you.

There are a handful of sample professional wills you can find online, but these examples are generally not especially detailed. As a result, they leave a lot of gaps relative to the average therapist's practice. A good Professional Will is as specific as possible to ease the burdens on the Executor and on your family (who undoubtedly would be the ones trying to answer the Executor's questions).


I. Introduction
II. Executors
III. Circumstances in which this document should be executed
IV. Notification of the Executor and Secondary Executor
V. Access
VI. Notifying clients, employers, supervisees, and others
VII. Continuity of care
VIII. Financial arrangements
IX. Long-term absence or death
X. Relief
XI. Compensation for the Executor
XII. Duration
XIII. Amendments
XIV. Copies
XV. Rights of the Executor
XVI. Certification of authenticity

With a simple fill-in-the-blank style -- just copy the text from our document, and replace anything in red with information specific to your practice -- it provides a complete view of your practice and your needs in case you suddenly aren't able to address them.

No one likes to think about a tragedy happening to us. But if it does, don't compound the stress on your family and colleagues by leaving them confused about what to do next. Have a Professional Will for your practice.

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This document is intended as a general guideline only. It is NOT provided as legal advice or intended to be a substitute for consultation with a qualified attorney. It is strongly recommended that you have an attorney familiar with mental health practice in your area review this document and discuss it with you in accordance with your individual circumstances prior to your signing and distributing it. Some provisions may not be applicable to your practice or your location, or may need to be amended to be consistent with applicable law.

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