Preparing for the 2019 California MFT Law & Ethics Exam

Preparing for the 2019 California MFT Law & Ethics Exam

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Associate Marriage and Family Therapists (AMFTs) in California need to take the state's MFT Law and Ethics Exam in their first year of registration. This study guide is designed to efficiently prepare you for the California MFT Law & Ethics Exam.

It features more than 100 practice questions with rationales, including a full-length (75-question) practice test.

It is focused squarely on the information you need to know for the test. It includes test-taking tips and strategies. And the study guide section addresses each and every one of the 121 areas of knowledge the BBS uses when developing the exam itself. By using this book, you can go into your exam confident and well-prepared.

If you've known our previous study guide (blue book) and practice tests (green book), you know why so many MFTs have used them and loved them. Now, we've made them even better -- by combining them into a single book, and lowering the total cost.



   About the test
   Before the test: Preparation strategies
   During the test: Test-taking skills
   After the test: Celebrating and planning next steps

Parameters of practice

   Scope of practice
   Client autonomy
   Best interests of the client
   Concurrent psychotherapy
   Diversity and nondiscrimination


   Informed consent and disclosures
   Documenting treatment decisions

Confidentiality and privilege

   Protecting confidentiality
   Exceptions to confidentiality
   Understanding privilege


   Managing crises and threats
   Working with couples, families, and groups
   Technology and telehealth
   Termination and referrals

The business of therapy

   Fees and finances
   Gifts and bartering
   Third-party reimbursement
   Parity laws
   Payment for referrals

Non-therapist roles

   Multiple relationships
   Sexual relationships
   Research ethics
   Ethics in supervision
   Legal and other professional roles

Unprofessional conduct

   Knowing what’s unprofessional
   Addressing unethical behavior

Full-length practice exam

Practice exam answers and rationales


   Task and knowledge statements
   Additional resources

Paperback | 302 pages

ISBN 978-0-9989285-5-5